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The RED Satori NoPull Dog Leash™️

The RED Satori NoPull Dog Leash™️

The RED Satori NoPull Dog Leash™️

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Our Signature Satori NoPull Dog Leash - to Instantly Control Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash-RED

This simple, easy to use dog leash attaches to any collar or harness that you are already using and safely wraps around your dog's chest or belly in front of the hind legs.

The sensation in this sensitive area interrupts your dog's focus on whatever is motivating them to pull, and to instead hold still, wait, or walk steadily following your lead. There is no pain - it is the tightening sensation that will stop the dog from pulling.

This type of leash is called a "training tie" and is used by professional dog trainers to quickly train "Pointer and Retriever" type hunting dogs to hold, heal and focus ahead on the target or prey. 

Pointers, retrievers and other hunting dogs shouldn't have their head, neck or muzzle restricted which would prevent them from getting into or staying in the proper stance before flushing or retrieving. 

The traditional hunting dog leash however is made from very stiff, abrasive round rope with no handle and is short so it is not very useful or user friendly for everyday dog walking or for training our typical pet dogs.

We solved that problem with our Satori NoPull Dog Leash which is made from wide, soft, flexible rope with loops so the rope can be safely wrapped around any dog's belly or chest. 

The leash is longer than normal so when wrapped it is more of a normal length. But it can always be used as a normal leash too... so it is great for social distancing. 

Our leash is a great solution for people who don't want or like the idea of prong collars, muzzles, or martingale type harnesses that compress or restrict the dog's neck, throat or chest, or have already found that those types of no pull solutions are not effective. 

We all know that our dogs' normal instinctive focus is typically on pulling, or lunging forward toward other dogs, people, or animals such as cats, squirrels and birds - or just tugging toward smells along the way.

Instead, if you use the Satori NoPull Leash, the dog's concern is on protecting their belly and hind legs - so you can stop the dog with just a slight nudge. The dog will quickly learn to no longer pull or lunge with this leash on!

Now, with your dog's attention you can stand still or walk nicely with your dog on the leash at all times.

Very soon your dog will naturally start, stop and keep pace with you. 

You'll be able to control your dog, or rather communicate with them, with just slightly adding and easing pressure on and off the leash...

We call it "one finger control" of the dog. 

If you add in some verbal cues, and gestures along with some tiny treats as rewards you can use the leash to very quickly train your dog to start, stop, heal, sit and so forth. 

Most dogs quickly learn, and many dogs seem to "get it" instantly -  so the leash may not need to be tightened, or even wrapped at all in due time - then it can be used as a normal dog leash. 

So many of our friends, family and customers tell us that their dog responded instantly.

Since we introduced this leash the results for most people have been nothing short of incredible. 

We had no idea so many other people were struggling to safely control their larger dogs. 

The main reason we made this leash is so people can feel comfortable and safe walking their dogs. 

Many people actually have chronic pain and injuries from their dog always pulling and tugging on leash during walks, and often suffer silently. 

Sore wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand, arm and elbow soreness and pain, even frozen shoulder. 

Not to mention the fear of the dog lunging and biting a passerby, getting into dog fights, scaring other animals - or just instilling fear in others. 

This leash has been a "god-send" solution for them - which is thrilling for us to hear. 

We hope that with our dog leash both dogs and people happily get more exercise and outdoor experiences. 

The Satori NoPull Leash is good for you and good for your dog! 

You can click here for the story about how this leash was created.

We no longer have a waiting list and are now keeping up with demand. 

(We will of course let you know if there will be any delay which is unlikely)

These leashes are still custom made by hand in our workshop.

If you'd like more information on the leash send a message to: russ@satoripets.com.

These are not offered anywhere else online except from our Satori Pets Etsy store. 

Yes - we are real people, and always happy to answer questions or address concerns. 

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This version of the leash is one size fits all for dogs about 45 pounds and up to as big as they get. 

The leash is longer than typical so when it's wrapped it's closer to the normal length of a typical six to seven foot leash. 

Please let us know what breed of dog you have and about how much they weigh - and we can let you know our experience with how similar dogs have responded to this type of leash. 

The leash is 100% satisfaction guaranteed - so if it does not work out, please let us know for a quick and easy money back return that includes shipping. 

If you have a dog that pulls and haven't yet found a solution please give this Satori NoPull Dog Leash a try - Please do not put up with dog pulling any longer there is no reason for this.

Let us know how your dog responds with a quick email and even a photo (which we love to get!). 

If there is any issue during the purchase process please let us known. 


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