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How to use the Satori No Pull Dog Leash

When purchased your dog leash will come with detailed photo instructions on how to use the leash. 

You connect the leash to the upper ring on any collar or harness, then hold the leash with one hand over the dog's back then wrap the leash around the dog's body. Feed the leash through one of the loops to create a belt around the dogs chest or belly. 

If your dog has responded well to the leash in the normal wrapped position several times then you have other options for wrapping the leash...

1. You can wrap the leash but not put it through the loop. This is a quick way to wrap the leash and control you dog. If example if you are walking along a trail, and come to an area with other dogs, people or distractions you can quickly wrap the leash to feel confident you can control your dog in this situation. 

Another option is to use the carabiner - using one of the loops and attaching the leash to the carabiner also.

Satori No Pull Dog Leash 1 Satori No Pull Dog Leash 2


2. Another option is to wrap the leash just under their belly and hind legs. Often this wrap is enough to signal your dog to not pull and to walk nicely on the leash, and you can control the dog with very small nudges too. 


3. Use the leash normally not wrapped at all. After a bit of time many dogs will recognize the feel of the Satori No Pull Leash and know not to pull. Use the same verbal cues so they know not to pull. Hopefully you'll be amazed how your dog has learned not to pull. 

The goal is a zen experience walking your dog. The dog walks nicely on the leash and is easy to control if they do pull or tug toward any distractions.  

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