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The Satori Premium No Pull Dog Leash™️

The Satori Premium No Pull Dog Leash™️

The Satori Premium No Pull Dog Leash™️

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Owners of large dogs - stop your dog from pulling, tugging, lunging and jerking when walking on the leash, so they happily walk nicely next to you with a loose leash - even if they get distracted and even if you’ve tried everything else like obedience class, bribes and different types of no pull collars (like prong or martingale collars).

If your dog is over 45 pounds and pulls, tugs or lunges when on a leash, or is possibly threatening to others, then this No Pull dog leash is for you, especially if…

…your dog gets hyper and excited when going on a walk,

…or they get laser-focused on other dogs, people, cats, squirrels or birds, or whatever is “over there”,

…or they just can’t wait to get to the dog park, the water, the trail…or anywhere!

… like many dogs maybe your dog likes having a continuous, incessant tension on the leash…(because they think they are helping you to get “somewhere”???)

…or it could be, there is not much difference between how much you weigh compared to how much the dog weighs and you are concerned about getting pulled down or dragged along by your dog,

...you have kids, or are elderly who want to walk the dog, but fear the dog could overpower them, or you?

Then please choose a color and order a Satori NoPull Dog leash  - don't put up with dog pulling any longer. 

Many people actually suffer, sometimes silently, from chronic pain and injuries from their dog always pulling and tugging on leash during walks.

We’ve heard of (and seen) sore wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand, arm and elbow soreness and pain.

One early customer ended up with frozen shoulder from her dog constantly tugging and pulling over time.

She winced every time it was time to walk her dog. She loved her dog deeply but felt so guilty and terrible about cringing every time it was time to walk the dog.

Other concerns can include the fear of the dog lunging and biting a passerby, getting into dog fights, scaring other animals - or just instilling a sense of fright in others...

Some larger dogs can be threatening to other people just from the dog’s appearance, size or pre-conceived notions of the breed.  

The Satori NoPull Dog leash is a perfect solution for all these situations and will put peace, calm and Zen back into your experience walking the dog.

How it works

This dog leash is designed to take advantage of the training tie technique that has shown over time to instantly and safely stop your dog from pulling without pain or injury to either you or the dog. (Other names for training tie include slip tie leash or just slip leash)

In just a few short sessions - during your normal walks - the dog will quickly learn NOT to pull when the leash is attached, and can be quickly trained to leave the leash loose - with little to no tension.  

Imagine, the goal which is to walk your dog in Zen every time - meaning calmness, peace, confidence, control and safety while the dog is happy, having fun, attentive, and gladly does what you want to do.

Turn your beloved pure-bred, mix, or rescue dog into a happy, fun, loyal and safe dog right away when going for a walk on leash, (even if they are spoiled and think they can do whatever they want).

More than just walking nicely - using this leash and the training tie your dog can quickly learn to heal, stop, sit and wait too, all without classes, formal training, or sending them off to dog camp.

This simple, easy to use dog leash attaches to any collar or harness that you are already using (it does not require any kind of special collar or harness).

It safely wraps around your dog's chest or belly in front of the hind legs.

There are unique loops on the leash so it will stay in place.

This is the concept:

For many dogs' their normal instinctive motivation is to pull on a leash.  

But, the sensation of the Satori No Pull leash wrapped around the sensitive area of their chest or belly interrupts their normal instinctive pulling-focus on whatever is motivating them to pull…

Instead, their focus and attention shifts – when they feel the leash wrapped around them - they want to prevent the leash from tightening around their chest or belly.

Think of a belt or a rope around your waist. You would not pull so tight that the rope tightens so much to cause pain or injury to yourself – same with the dog…

The sensation of the leash around their chest or belly means the dog will not pull tight.  

They instead will pay attention to you so the leash does not tighten more - or at all.  The dog will then hold still, wait, or walk steadily following your lead.

Often times, especially at first, your dog will likely stop, and turn back to look at you wanting to know what the heck is going on and what you want them to do.

It takes just a few minutes the first time to get the dog to understand the training tie feeling of this new leash.

There are complete instructions that are included in the package with the leash when it’s shipped to you.

It’s super easy and takes very little time.

Again, there is no pain, or need for pain - it is the threat of the possible tightening sensation that will stop the dog from pulling…this is all positive reinforced training.

We first learned to use the training tie technique many years ago at a Sportsman’s show.

A professional dog trainer demonstrated the training tie for hunters and competitors so they could quickly train pointer and retriever type dogs to hold, sit, heal and focus ahead on a target or prey.

The traditional hunting dog training tie leash however is made from very stiff, abrasive round rope with no handle and is short, so it is not very useful or user friendly for everyday dog walking or for training our typical pet dogs.

Even though the concept is easy and simple, we had to modify the traditional hunting dog leash so it could be used on our large dogs and therefor on any large dog of any breed, by everyone, which means it is simple, easy and safe for anyone to use - and now even more effective.

Now Available

The Satori NoPull dog leash that is available for you to purchase now is made from wide, soft, flexible, flat rope with a hollow core, which makes the leash hefty so the dog knows the leash is attached.

Yet it is lightweight enough to be comfortable and easy to handle for the person holding the leash.

Because of the wide, woven rope the leash has leverage so you can much more easily control large and heavy dogs, which means you can stop the dog from pulling with just a slight nudge...

We call it “one finger control” of the dog.

The leash is made with hand sewn loops at the hook end so it can be safely wrapped around any dog's belly or chest which means there is no extra hardware or fittings found on other types of training leashes so there is little to no chance of pain or injury to the dog.

The leash is longer than normal, it’s about 8 feet long, so when wrapped it is more of a normal length, about 6 feet long.

This means you'll be able to control your dog, or rather communicate with them, with just slightly adding and easing pressure on and off the leash.

It's also easily used for training

If you add in some verbal cues, and gestures along with some tiny treats as rewards you can use the leash to very quickly train your dog to start, stop, heal, sit, wait and so forth…

A training tie leash is used for all these behaviors.

When the leash is not wrapped around the dog our customers discovered it is great for physical and social distancing so that people can allow their dogs to greet each other while maintaining good conversational social distance from others.

The leash comes with a carabiner that sits nicely in a carabiner holder on the leash.

The carabiner has multiple optional uses that are described in the instructions that come with the leash, but briefly… 

  • It can be used for quick on-and-off's when the leash is wrapped so it is super-fast and convenient to wrap the dog when needed.
  • The carabiner is great to tie the dog off on a pole or railing if you are going into a store, are on the phone - or you need both hands for something, (going in to use the bathroom?).
  • It’s great to tie two dogs off close together. (One of our customers who walks two big dogs and got two leashes - came up with this tip).
  • The carabiner is useful to tie the leash around your waist in case you want a hands-free dog leash while walking, running, skating, biking, or hiking. 
  • The carabiner can be used to create a half-leash, it attaches to one of the loops to make the leash half as long - so you can have close, tight control of the dog in certain situations.

This leash is a great solution for people who don't want or like the idea of prong collars, muzzles, or martingale type harnesses that compress or restrict the dog's neck, throat or chest, or have already found that those types of no pull solutions are not effective. 

Lots of people said they (successfully) tried this leash first instead of electric training collars.

Others experiences with their larger dogs

We offered the first sets of the Satori No Pull leash to friends and family who gave us great reviews and feedback.

Then we posted the leash to the neighborhood forum so more people could try it out.  So many people wrote back and wanted one! 

There has been a waiting list a few times because the rope factory ran out of the special material the leash is made from.

The feedback and comments we get from customers are just heartwarming.

We love to hear that people are proud to show their Satori Pets leash to others, and they help to spread the word that there is a solution for large dogs pulling on a leash.

Here’s an example:

Satori Pets No Pull Dog Leash

People with all kinds of big, heavy dogs say that they are so thankful for their Satori Pets leash and… they wish they’d gotten the leash sooner.

Please order now

So if you have a large, heavy dog that is pulling, tugging or lunging on the leash, then please order a leash for yourself now.

Choose the color you’d like then click the Add to Cart or Place Your Order button.

Then follow the next few screens to place your order which you can review on the last screen and can go back to make any changes.

You will get an email confirmation of your order quickly, then shipping and tracking numbers will come when your order is mailed to you.

At any point you can simply email us, or call, if you have any questions at all. Our email address is on all the confirmation messages.

Orders are usually shipped within one or two business days. You don’t pay extra for shipping in the US - free tracked shipping is included to the USA, with nominal shipping charges where available elsewhere.


Like everything we offer - the leash is 100% completely guaranteed - so if it does not work out for you and your dog – that is after you open up the package and try the leash out on your dog in a secure, safe, enclosed space, and if it does not control your dog from pulling, or if your dog does not learn to not pull when on the leash after a few walks - then please let us know either through email or a phone call. We will email you a shipping label so you can easily return the leash for a full refund.  

Our sincere purpose for making these leashes and offering them to large dog owners is to help stop the pain, suffering, annoyance and frustration of dog pulling so people can walk their dog again with pleasure, confidence - and fun.

Of course - this means healthier dogs and healthier people!

Thank you – please order now because you will love your Satori Pets NoPull Dog Leash!

🇺🇸 We are a USA based company. Contact us anytime for questions about your order.  

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