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Pet Memorial Personalized Interlocking Hearts Necklace N11

Pet Memorial Personalized Interlocking Hearts Necklace N11

Pet Memorial Personalized Interlocking Hearts Necklace N11

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Ease the pain and sadness of losing your dog with this beautiful Interlocking Hearts necklace and customized jewelry box.

Many people touch the outer boundaries of their emotions with a shattered heart, waves of sadness, a fist-sized pit in the chest, even crying, from so deeply missing their dog.

These feelings may come and go - but just do not go away.

There is no explanation….

They hook into our genetics, into our souls, into our hearts.

Only people who have lost a deeply loved pet can understand this. Very often we suffer silently for a very long time – weeks, months and years - even if we have invited another pet into our hearts, homes and lives.

Creating a memorial at home, a photo album, pictures on the wall, their toy set aside, all help tremendously, but…

Wearing jewelry to honor their life is even more helpful to ease the emotions. 

Imagine - you can see, feel and touch a piece of jewelry you are wearing that has been dedicated to them - whenever a wave of sadness comes over you… wherever you are… 

…in the car, while traveling, or just at home in the other room, even when lying in bed and the memories come flooding in…

… with a light touch the jewelry can transform the sadness into a smile and bring to mind joyful memories that celebrate their life and all the precious time you had together.

  • You can customize the jewelry box with their name, and add in their dates, or the years you spent together, which means the jewelry is for them - and for you.

Of course, memorial jewelry makes an amazing gift for those you know who are suffering.

This gentle gift provides incredible comfort and shows such thoughtful support.

The two Interlocking Hearts are surrounded with sparkling zirconia crystal jewels to symbolize forever connected souls. 

Personalize the jewelry box message card like this: 

1. Type your dog's name on line #1
2. Type your dog's dates, or custom text on line #2
     (Example. "2007 - 2016", or, "14 wonderful years"
     (Hint: Use the spacebar to move the text to center or where you'd like it placed.)

Select either the standard Jewelry Box, or…choose the beautiful Mahogany Styled Jewelry Box with an LED light to illuminate the message card and necklace. 

After you have personalized the jewelry box then click the “Add to Cart” button, to quickly go through the proper screens.

You’ll be able to fully review your message before the last screen, and can go back to make any changes. 

Your custom jewelry box is typically printed and put together the next business day. 

Once quality control is certified, your jewelry is shipped free in the US with tracking, and you should receive it in the US within 3 to 6 business days or so.  

Of course, everything we offer at Satori Pets is fully guaranteed. A short email or a phone call to us will help to solve any issues or will start the process for any refunds if you are not touched and satisfied with the jewelry.

We created this line of pet memorial jewelry to help those who hurt, like we have, when losing a pet.

Wearing jewelry that honors and celebrates our pets’ lives has been transformational.

We wish we’d done it sooner….

We wish the same for you….please order now - to change the sadness into warm pleasant memories. 

Pendant Dimensions:
• Height 0.6" (1.5cm)
• Width 1.1" (2.7cm)
• Adjustable cable chain 18"-22"

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